Ade Farms

ADE Farm @ Triple S. Ranch

Amongst the sunbeaten straw-like grasses on California's Mayacamas Mountains there is a hilltop oasis that is known as Triple S. Ranch. It sits on top of the mountain between Calistoga and Santa Rosa, just off Mountain Home Ranch Road. Nearly burned in the wildfires, it survived due to the heroic efforts of its custodian, Derek Webb.  It was just after the wedding season of 2015 our catering company, Amiee D'maris Events, was approached by local Triple S. Ranch owner, Derek Webb. He asked if we'd like to start a culinary garden on his property. Triple S. Ranch, in Calistoga, is a beautifully rustic and artsy venue with gorgeous grounds and buildings. A spectacular venue for events and weddings and we were honored to be asked to collaborate on such a unique property. We were catering a lot of the weddings at Triple S. Ranch at the time and it seemed like the perfect place to start a new course growing our own Organic food for our company. 

Organic food and locally sourced ingredients have been the foundation of our company since we first began, back in 2001 as AmieeAlan Custom Catering, in Oakland Ca. Amiee, my first name and Alan, Peter's (my husband) middle name were merged, just as our cooking styles and skills merged, to create our first catering company. Over the years we shifted with the times transforming AmieeAlan Custom Catering into Devoted Catering, which we closed at the end of 2012. After a short break to restore & revive and returning to my home town of Sonoma, I dove into a new adventure opening Amiee D'maris Events with a focus on Wine Country Weddings in Napa & Sonoma Counties. 

When Derek Webb approached us about growing a garden, we jumped in with both feet! We hired the culinary farmer who had created the gardens for the French Laundry, a very talented farmer, Jon Brzycki who worked with passion and focus creating ADE Farm @ Triple S. Ranch (Amiee D'maris Events Farm), the plan was always to expand to an even larger endeavor but for now it is a large culinary garden focused on organic produce & flowers. Chef/Farmer Peter, putt down his kitchen knives and picked up the shovel, rake & hoe, and has the garden now as his solace and inspiration.  Putting in the work each year to plant and grow food & flowers is inspired by our desire to deliver a healthy & deliciously fresh product using ingredients grown especially for use on our menus, now for use at April Pantry &  for catering Events too! The ADE farm grounds us in the wine country and gives our food a unique and personal distinction that you won’t find anywhere else! 

We are looking forward to another season of organically grown produce, you never know what you might see popping up in our garden or on our menus! ♥Amiee & Peter